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This section contains information regarding how Siltex-srl manages data processing of the users of

This is also valid for the purposes of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (protection of personal data), and of Art. 13 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data, for those who interact with Siltex-srl and can be reached at the address corresponding to the homepage:

The information is provided only for Siltex-srl and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user via links contained therein.

The purpose of this document is to provide information about the methods, timing and nature of the information that data controllers must provide to users when they connect to the Siltex-srl webpages, regardless of the purposes of the connection itself, according to the Italian and European legislation.


With regards to this website, the data controller is Siltex S.r.l., based in via Brescia 33, 36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI), Italy.

For any clarification or exercise of rights please get in touch with:


The processing of data generated using Siltex-srl takes place at the headquarters in Via Brescia, 33 in Torri di Quartesolo (VI), Italy.


Like all websites, this website uses log files in which information collected in an automated manner during user visits is stored. The information collected could be the following:

  • IP address;
  • Type of browser and device parameters used to connect to the website;
  • Name of the ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  • Date and time of the visit;
  • Webpage of the visitor’s origin and exit webpage;

The aforementioned information is processed in an automated manner and collected in exclusively aggregated form so as to verify the correct functioning of the site, as well as for security reasons. This information will be processed based on the legitimate interests of the owner.

For security purposes (antispam, firewall, virus detection), automatically recorded data may also include personal data such as IP address that could be used – in compliance with the laws in force – to block attempts to damage the site or other users, or any harmful activity or offense. These data are never used for user’s identification or profiling, but only for the purpose of protecting the site and its users. This information will be processed based on the legitimate interests of the owner.


The treatment to which the data will be submitted serves:

  • the purposes connected to an obligation provided for by the law, by a regulation or by the EU legislation, as well as by provisions of authorities legitimated to this and of supervisory and control bodies;
  • the purposes related and instrumental to the management of relations with customers/suppliers, including for example the proposal of an offer, the stipulation of a contract, the transmission of information;
  • the defense of a right also by the Data Controller or a third party in a court of law, as well as in administrative or arbitration and conciliation procedures in the cases provided for by law, by EU legislation, by regulations or by the collective agreement applied in the company.

For the data collected by the form on the site we declare that the data will be processed for:

  • satisfying the requests forwarded through the data collection forms;
  • carrying out the obligations required by laws or regulations;
  • protecting the rights of Siltex S.r.l. in court;

The treatment will include all the operations provided for in art. 4, point 2) of the EU Reg. 2016/679 required for the processing in question. Neither the diffusion nor the profiling are foreseen for the data provided.


The provision of personal data relating to the treatment described above is necessary as it is connected to the obligations provided for by applicable laws or regulations as well as by instructions given by the competent authorities/supervisory and control bodies or to fulfill the requests of the interested party.

Any failure to consent to processing may not allow the completion of the activities, with the consequent impossibility of following up the requests of the interested party.


This site treats users’ data in a lawful and correct manner, taking appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of the data.

Processing is carried out using IT and/or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logic strictly related to the purposes indicated.

In addition to the owner, in some cases some categories of employees involved in the organization of the site (administrative, marketing, commercial, system administrators) and/or external parties (such as third-party technical service providers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) may have access to data.


The data collected by the site during its operation are used exclusively for the purposes indicated above and kept for the time strictly necessary to carry out the specified activities.

The data used for security purposes are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose previously set.

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mail to the addresses indicated on this site entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, which is necessary in order to be able to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message.


According to art. 13 co. 2 of the EU Regulation of 2016/679, intends to inform the user about the existence of:

  • the right of the interested party to request the owner access to personal data (art. 15 EU Regulation), their update (art. 7, co. 3, letter a of Legislative Decree 196/2003), their adjustment (art. 16 EU Regulation), integration (art. 7, co. 3 lett. Legislative Decree 196/2003), limitation of the processing (art. 18 EU Regulation) or to oppose to their treatment for legitimate reasons (art. 21 EU Regulation), in addition to the right to data portability (art. 20 EU Regulation);
  • the right to request cancellation (art. 17 EU Regulation), transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those for which conservation is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data have been collected or subsequently processed (Article 7 paragraph 3, letter b of Legislative Decree 196/2003);
  • the right to obtain the attestation that the updating, rectification, data integration, deletion, data blocking, transformation have been brought to the knowledge (also with regard to their content) of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case where such fulfillment proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly out of proportion with respect to the protected right (art. 7 co. 3, lett. c of Legislative Decree 196/2003).

Requests can be addressed to the data controller or to the Data Protection Authority using the model provided for the protection of personal data.

In case of violation of the law, the user has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority as the authority in charge of controlling the treatment in the Italian State.


This document constitutes the privacy policy of this site. It may be subject to changes or updates.

The document was updated on 18/3/2022 to comply with the relevant regulatory provisions and with EU Regulation 2016/679.


  • By e-mail at
  • By post at SILTEX S.r.l., Via Brescia 33, 36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI) – Italy
  • By phone at +39 0444 239452.



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